Marina Zerbarini:
My works are digital pictures printed in canvas.
Usually, I show them by slides, with sounds, the images
and the sounds make the narrative of an abstract text.

Marina Zerbarini was born in Bs.As., Argentina, in 1952.

She was graduated, in 1991, from P.Pueyrredón Bellas Artes National School with
an average as a Drawing and Picture Teacher.
She has done Individuals Samples in:
"Altos de Sarmiento Galery" ( 1992),
"National Fond of Art" (1993),
"Ricardo Rojas Fundation" (1994),
"Banco Patricios" (1996) Branch Imprenta,
"Recoleta Cultural Center", "Intricates Limits" Esculture installation (1996).
Samples in the Foreing: "International Jumble of Samples" Sevilla, España (1990);
"500 anni D’America, Artisti Argentini" Argentine Seat in Roma, Italy (1992),
"Joyas de Artistas" Ana Torre Fundation and Museum
"Artes Decorativas" in La Habanna, Cuba.
"VIII. Internationalen Kunstsymposiums in Tünsddorf,
St. Matthias Kolleg Tünsdorf – Germany (1998);
"On your own device"Mail art project,
The Museum of Instant Images, Koning Willem II Collegge, Tilburg (1998).


She received Honor Mentions in Salons: Pintura, Colegio Ward (1991), Alap (1989),
Vte Lopez Municipality (1989), Rotary Club (1994).
She obtains the Third Award in Picture in Cutral co, La Pampa (1992),
and the Second Award in the Fernán Felix de Amador Salón of Luján City,
Bellas Artes Museum (1993). Educational of the University of Bs.As.,
Profession of Textile Design and Grab, (1992, 1993).


Since 1993 she has an active participation as an Educational and Coordinator in the "P. Pueyrredón Bellas Artes National School presently belonging to the Art Universal Institute (IUNA)". Writter of the Art’s Critic Column in a Magazine called "Plenario" from the Lawyers Association of Bs.As., (1994). The Art Critics, Rosa Faccaro (1992) and Horacio Safons (1996) had written about their work.

April, 1999